American died after surfing accident in Morocco

The 39-year-old Mike Lee was this month on a surf trip in Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

What a shock it must have been for Kathy and Christopher Lee last week when they were contacted by the US Embassy in Morocco to announce that their son Mike was specified as missing and presumably drowned to the Moroccan coast.

Last Monday was their last hope taken away: "on Monday morning they took contact us again to say that there were two other surfers who had seen Mike go away and he no longer saw upwards," said Kathy Lee to the .

Friends and family remember Mike Lee for his fervent love for the outdoors, its unique creativity in the local music scene and for his genuine friendliness. Although the grief caused by Mike Lee's death is still present, said friends and family that there some comfort can be found in the fact that he died while one of his many passions.

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