Ali B: acting tastes like more

Ali b. acted in Man, "frankly tastes to more", he admits to the AD.

He already had some acting experience in theatre shows. "There you have more text, but you also have in diving emotions and convince. The public, whether in the theater or in a cinema, live through you. How more convincing you play, the more credible happens to you. Big difference with theatre are the long shooting days. Twenty fight scenes do with bruised ribs and then find out that take two was the best. "

It stayed with the recordings not only with bruised ribs: during a chasing scene kicked Ali against a crate, which was a lot heavier than he had expected. "The pain in my face was described as fantastic acting talent, but believe me: that was real."

He ran for anger if he wanted to feel that something was done to his children. That went according to the rapper so far that his opponent Matteo Simoni had to say to him: "' Quiet to Ali, it's only a movie eh '. I sat me in an hour. I was watching on my breathing, the emotions and then raised a scene I went in. " Man runs from Thursday in Dutch cinemas.

ali b