Shot dead Mohammed in Morocco buried

Under a great deal of interest is 17-year-old Mohammed in the Moroccan town of Berkane buried.

The funeral ceremony for Mohammed, who was shot dead last week in Amsterdam, began in the mosque with the djanazah-prayer. Hence it went in procession through the streets of Berkane to the cemetery, where the burial was. The imam spoke a short prayer.

Several hundred people attended the ceremony. Among them was the Mayor of Berkane, who spoke with the father of Mohammed. Also approximately seventy people from Netherlands, including more than twenty travelled to Morocco, Mohammed's friends were at the funeral. The funeral ceremony followed the regular Friday prayer and after the sermon by the imam.

Mohammed b. was accidentally shot dead a week ago in a Community Center in Amsterdam, the Wittenburg, where he interned. The shooters were probably provided on another victim, the 19-year-old Gianni L.. He was injured. A 20-year-old intern was injured to her legs.

Wednesday there was a memorial service in the Amsterdam Nasr mosque.