Sale: 6-year sentence for terrorist who attack prepared at the headquarters of 2 m

The Court in sale condemned Thursday a person who prepared a wedding had promised to Daesh and attack against the television channel 2 m.

The Criminal Division of the Court in sale in charge of terrorism cases condemned Thursday 1 February a Moroccan man to 6 years prison, reports the newspaper Al Akhbar in its weekend edition.

According to the judicial investigations, the accused is a young man of 30 years old from Chefchaouen, unemployed and a former illegal immigrant in Spain. The man had regular contact with Daesh networks in the Middle East and had several attacks planned on Moroccan soil, including a series of attacks on the headquarters of the 2 m-chain, police stations of the Royal Gendarmerie, judges, Moroccan Jews and diplomatic buildings.

During the same hearing the Court sentenced five other people in another terrorism case, which defendants were sentenced to 23 years in prison.

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