Zniti: ' Also the Botola Pro-international has its value ' (video)

Thus the goalie out there last Wednesday personally ensured that the extension in Morocco was dragged.

The first choice among the Moroccan lat, Raja Casablanca goalkeeper Abate Zniti, made itself last Wednesday, to say the least not loved after his mega blunder. In the semifinals, the 29-year-old close in the 86th minute to Libyan international Khalleefah post in contention to make the 1-1. Zniti chose, to still unknown reason, for something to hit the ball too far in front of him to play. A lot of work for no hood to no avail after which Morocco Finally, via El Kaabi and El Karti, the final ticket.

In front of the cameras of the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF Zniti briefly looks ahead to tomorrow's game. In the Stade Mohammed V is the other finalist Nigeria waiting, a team with a lot of quality, thus Zniti.
[video = youtube; gLK1lgLSnwM] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = gLK1lgLSnwM [/video]