ONSSA: toxic ingredients in Moroccan tea

The Moroccan food and consumer product safety authority ONSSA confirmed the revelations of the magazine "60 millions de consommateurs" about traces of pesticides in Moroccan tea.

After a long silence confirms the Moroccan food and consumer product safety authority ONSSA information already by the French scientific magazine "60 millions de consommateurs ' was published.

Moroccan tea would contain traces of toxic products, and more specific pesticides. This is confirmed by the Arabic language Al Massae newspaper in its weekend edition. This is tea that is imported from abroad, the newspaper said, for example, the well known "chinese grains".

This confirmation of the ONSSA is the result of several laboratory research conducted by teams of this institution specialising in control and food safety. Samples of different kinds of tea were collected and examined. This resulted in accurate results and confirmed what was considered only as a rumor.

As a result, ONSSA according to Al Massae strict measures taken to prohibit the marketing of different brands imported tea to protect the health of consumers. This concerns amounts that represent 0.5% of the total imports of tea from Morocco, who last year 60 million tonnes.

The research, which was published by "60 millions de consommateurs", points out that 26 types of tea, most of which on the Moroccan market are sold, are affected by the presence of toxins.