Roosevelt ' Souk ' program for export of Moroccan products to China

The program Roosevelt ' Souk ' aims to open up the Chinese market for Moroccan products.

Opening the way for Moroccan cooperatives to the Chinese market is the purpose of the program "Roosevelt Souk", writes the the medium L'Economiste. The daily explains that this is a pilot program that is focused on increasing aid to Moroccan cooperatives and the development of their products, with a view to developing a genuine opportunity to Moroccan soil products export to the Chinese market.

Marketing, the weak point of a large majority of the cooperatives, is the key to access to each market. The goal is therefore to strengthen the marketing capacity of cooperatives by digitization, support and opening a channel to the Chinese market, which many of the Moroccan products. Many cooperatives make the most of their sales at trade shows. This channel, however, is not enough to make much profit, because the prices are known and the competition is ubiquitous. The search to other marketing channels and other markets is therefore vital.

The "Roosevelt Souk" approach consists of identifying the requested local products, identifying the beneficiary cooperatives and the drafting of the action plan. There is already a list of typical products from Morocco prepared to on the Chinese market to be introduced. This list includes argan oil, prickly pear oil, locust beans, truffle, saffron, white clay and clementine. Other products will in response to the question that is on the market is still follow.

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