Mennel blows jury of French version The Voice down (video)

Mennel sang Hallelujah in an English and Arabic version.

The 22-year-old had Mennel after 3 seconds the first chair all turned around, the other 3 judges following afterwards also fast. Mennel began the song Hallelujah in English, after which they went about halfway in Arabic.

The father of Mennel is of Syrian and Turkish origin, her mother is of Moroccan and Algerian descent.

After a long standing ovation from the audience on the set, said Mika: "This time was a jewel".  "I was completely captivated, I felt like I was somewhere else," added another juror. Another juror said "you sing without filter, I had the impression a girls room to go in and read her diary, it is pure, it comes from your heart."

The comments on social media such as Twitter were also not different than laudatory. "I was completely upset by # TheVoice's Mennel, it was simple but beautiful. This is the kind of moment that reminds us how beautiful the Arabic language is to hear. ", for example, @Wakandaquokka said.

A video of the full audition is shown here:

[video = youtube; O3EeZqX-u5k] time_continue = 249 & v = O3EeZqX-u5k [/video]

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