Dutch Ambassador officially way out of Turkey

Netherlands pulls his Ambassador in Turkey officially back now talks with Ankara about the conflict between the countries has yielded no solution.

That, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Monday. According to the Ministry there is "no view on normalization of bilateral relations". The Dutch Ambassador Kees van row had no access to Turkey since March last year.

"The recent talks offered a chance for Netherlands and Turkey closer together again, but we are not agreed on how standardization should take place," said Foreign Affairs Minister Halbe Zijlstra.

The relationship between the Hague and Ankara came in March last year under heavy pressure. Two Turkish ministers wanted in Netherlands campaigning for a Turkish referendum, against the wishes of Netherlands. The plane with the Turkish Foreign Minister was not to countries and the Turkish Minister of Family Affairs had to leave the country under police escort.

Turkey demanded apologies from the Netherlands and Dutch Ambassador since then may not return to his post in Ankara. The Turkish president Erdogan accused Netherlands under more of Nazism and fascism.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that as long as our country has no Ambassador in Turkey, Netherlands will allow any new Turkish Ambassador in Netherlands. "This message is transferred to the Turkish Chargé d'affaires in the Hague. This is also a break in the talks with Turkey come, "said the Ministry.