Vietnamese women in Morocco, what are they doing there? (video)

YouTuber Kyle Le Dot Net gives an interesting glimpse into the lives of two Vietnamese women who live in Morocco.

YouTuber Kyle Le Dot visited two Vietnamese women for an interview and to find out how they have ended up in Morocco, what they are doing there and whether they.

An interesting fact which emerges in the video is that Vietnamese in the 40 years been to Morocco. Moroccan soldiers fought in Viet Nam and Vietnamese emigrated to Morocco at the time, many of them remained in Morocco and built a life.

Monique Nguyen was born in Casablanca and is the operator of a Chinese/Vietnamese family restaurant. Where there formerly especially foreigners came to the restaurant, the restaurant is also very popular nowadays among the local population.

LAN lives in Morocco since 2003 and is on the market where they sell Asian products. LAN is fond of Moroccan tea and the worst will find Lan to Morocco that no karaoke.

Both women give to happy to live in Morocco, they enjoy the beautiful environments, the beaches, the temperature, the friendly people and good food. They feel safe in Morocco. Asians are very popular in Morocco, they lend.

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