Casablanca: 20 à 30 crime cases per day

In Casablanca are per day 20 to 30 crime cases registered at the police station.

In an update to the Prefecture denies the figures that are reported by "national media" with "140 thefts and attacks per day". In 2017 the police arrested of 11,320 people involved in Casablanca attacks and robberies, including 5500 people against which an arrest warrant has been issued, the source said.

What the security coverage, refutes the prefecture the figures from "one policeman for every 13,333 citizens". The Prefecture of Casablanca includes 68 police services, or a service for an average of 73,000 people, apart from the judicial police, environmental police, tourist police and other authorities focused on a particular topic.

Only Rudy Mellil constituency has a single police station for a population of 32,782 people, says the same source.