Strong increase in rogue Web shops

The police signals a rapid growth in the number of false Web shops.

Last year, 438 times action taken against rogue internet stores, up from just 35 interventions in 2016.

The national hotline Internet scams (LMIO) of the police reports that counterfeit websites sometimes but short time in the air and then try to get as much money as possible. Furthermore, existing Web sites deceptively really copied. Fraudsters also Dutch buy domain names of sites where branded goods at extremely low prices are offered for sale.

Nevertheless, says the hotline not unhappy about the fight against internet scams. Last year, 38,343 declarations within, say, less than 8000 in 2016. The damage amount per duped lay on 197.32 euro. Police suspect that information and publicity contribute to the downward trend.

Retail Netherlands calls it in a comment "good that the police internet scams in the visor has" but notes also that the number of times action is taken in relation to the number of returns is low, "slightly more than 1% of the total ". Bert van Steeg, Secretary Shop retail Netherlands, crime will find internet scams rock hard needs to be addressed. "It harms the reputation of reliable Web stores."

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