Ayoub: ' money isn't important, Allah (swt) provides us with rizq ' (video)

Thus the player who was a free transfer recently snared by the Rotterdam-team.

As he took the last few seasons FC Utrecht in tow, so one can see him in the coming years, preferably in the tub. Yassin Ayoub State for quite some time as one of the stalwarts of the stable FC Utrecht, the only 23-year-old midfielder last summer could create a lucrative step abroad however he decided otherwise. Partly because of his young family chose Ayoub sure to stay within its borders, opposite the Qatari sports medium beIN Sports he is not all that money and he much more value to his loved ones. Apart from its transition to Feyenoord came also briefly the subject Morocco and the upcoming WORLD CUP.

[video = youtube; deRHarsCits] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = deRHarsCits [/video]

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