UN demands immediately file in Syria

The United Nations requirements for humanitarian reasons an immediate ceasefire in Syria of at least a month.

Heavy air raids in Eastern Ghouta, which is still in the hands of rebels, again cost the lives of dozens of civilians.

The bombing in the region near Damascus Tuesday went unabated. According to the Syrian Observatory for human rights there are this time at least 47 deaths, after the 30 from Monday. A local functionary mentioned a number of 53. In addition, there are more than 250 were injured.

Eastern Ghouta is cut off from the outside world by Government forces. The estimated 400,000 inhabitants lack everything. Aid agencies fear a humanitarian disaster. They have tons of ready goods but do not get permission to deliver on the ground. The situation is currently far too dangerous.

Quite apart from this continuing violence fears the UN also the use of chemical weapons. A research into the use of chlorine gas. That would have happened recently in the province of Idlib, another stronghold of insurgents battling the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Also it was Tuesday again under fire. The Observatory reported six dead, five of whom in the village Tarmala.

civilian casualties
chlorine gas