Police are looking for specific witness shooting incident Wittenburg

In connection with the fatal shooting in a neighborhood home to the large White citizen Street is the police in Amsterdam looking for a specific witness.

It's going to be a man with a baby carriage, which according to police "visible attention" had for a BMW that associated with the shooting incident. The man was walking near the Community Center on the small White citizen Street.

Also other people who have seen the car, is asked to come forward. The behaviour of the driver must have noticed, police said. The BMW is on January 5, stolen in Wood and drove around with false license plates. The suspicion is that this was the getaway car. On the night of the shooting incident was the car fired on the Dante Street in Southeast, but he could in time be put out. De recherche hopes, therefore, that traces can be secured.

At the shooting incident was 17-year-old trainee b. mortally wounded. Two people were injured, including 19-year-old Gianni l., who may be the target of the shooters.

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