Glory 51 Rotterdam: view here live the press conference of Badr Hari (video)

The long-awaited return of Badr Hari is soon about to the press conference for the upcoming, poster Hari vs. Gad.

The press conference will start around 15:00, in a Hotel near Schiphol kickboksveteranen both present themselves to the press Organizer Glory picked up just before the gala with Ben S vs. Verhoeven as maine guy out with the news to Badr Hari have contracted. The poster between both fighters will take place on 3 March in Ahoy Rotterdam, the two met each other already in 2010. Then it was Gabriel who eventually assumed the win, this after disqualification of Hari that Gad natrapte.

[video = youtube; 2nlhZGjOn6Q] v = 2nlhZGjOn6Q [/video]

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