V get Atlas Lions royale premium paid after profit CHAN 2018

A welcome addition to the annual earnings of the Botola Pro-internationals.

Apart from the possible sporting success brought the CHAN 2018 also a financially attractive prospect for the internationals. The team of coach Jamal Sadeghi could after reaching the semifinals already count on more than 500,000 dirham per player, with bringing in the title is there another 300,000 dirham on top. In addition, of course, the Moroccan media reports Le360 that the technical staff will be rewarded for this exceptional performance, unknown is what amount is reserved for them.

The significant qualifying premium for the A-selection, converted a €100,000 per international, by the Moroccan Football Federation was financed by the premiums start of FIFA and African football CAF. Both unions returned a total of over €2 million euro on the FRMF, an amount which will be also used for Morocco's preparation for the upcoming world event. How much the bond of the CAF received for this variant of the African Cup is not yet brought out.

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