Badr Hari: ' if the pay is good, then comes the game against Rico without saying ' (video)

The press looked ahead, Badr Hari itself is altogether still not concerned with the possible rematch against Glory-champion Rico Verhoeven.

Could the press this afternoon out questions, during the press conference for Glory 51 were the questions especially addressed to Badr Hari. The man who on March 3, across from old friend Analise Gad is got at times questions across the Netherlands where a poster still on guard, the rematch against Rico Verhoeven. The 33-year-old kickboksveteraan is there said not so doing, just as organizer Glory that also would not. Contrary to what was suggested in the media often, Hari himself has not even decided if he wants to take against the still on the reigning world champion.

[video = youtube; u3fqF0-k3fs] v = u3fqF0-k3fs [/video]

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