A humiliating video directly from an operating room calls rage on in Morocco

The video of a man which an object is removed from his anus was filmed and distributed on the internet without any permission.

On the video, which since Friday 2 February the round does on social media, we see a medical team around a patient. The team tries to retrieve an object from his anus, a small can of soda. The unconscious and naked patient is unaware that he is being filmed and that makes the scene even more shocking.

The fact that a person in the medical team has taken the liberty to these images to film, for the unmoving looks of the other team members, violates the rights of the patient. This is not the first such blatant violation of medical secrecy, writes Lefr360.

Social media users shared the video en masse, some to a ' crime against the dignity of the patient ' to denounce others to the last to mock. But everyone unanimously rejected the lack of discretion of the medical staff. The Ministry of health responded a few days after the scandal broke and announced the opening of an investigation to identify the hospital or clinic where the scene was shot and to the identity of the concerned staff members Figure out.

Moulay Abdelalaoui Mountadar, Secretary General of the independent Union of doctors in the public sector, admits that this is clearly a despicable act and can be punished with severe penalties, but also that this is an isolated case. "We need to wait for the results of the investigation by the Ministry to verify the authenticity of this video and point the finger to those responsible, but we must also refrain from insulting the whole job", he said.

The indignation of all social media users and various organisations does not seem to calm down. Many NGOs have released statements to a "serious violation of human rights" to the jaw. Among them, a collective grouping of 5 associations that defend the rights of homosexuals.

"The video demonstrates an act of mockery and an insult to the dignity of the patient in question, assuming, on the basis of unfounded prejudices, that this is a homosexual patient," State in the statement. For the Group indicates this incident on a "blatant lack of respect for certain health professionals who not only the dignity of the patient, but also his safety and physical and emotional integrity are endangered, knowing that this is a serious violation of the ethics of the profession ".

To be continued.

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