Abdi over Liverpool: ' Have every minute at Anfield enjoyed '

Thus the 29-year-old left outside that slowly but steadily his form of the sc Heerenveen-era to the recovery.

In an in-depth interview with Voetbal International looks the now 29-year-old Ali Abdi moved back at some football years, frivolous outdoor player of FC Twente seems in the Grolsch Veste weather fun in football to have recovered. ' The Tamil ' ventured in december 2016 at the once great talent which ultimately chose a lucrative move to the Premier League and then the Middle East, the adventure at the Emiratische Al Ahli Dubai turned out to be of short expensive. The Moroccan-international felt in the Emirates no longer the footballer that he potentially is and Moreover, he was not pleased with the course of action in that League, football players are according to him there even more than normally seen as a commodity.

The former player of proceeds under other Stoke City and Liverpool: '' my family was with it and we lived close to the beach, that was not the problem. At first I had also such a thing: see it. I'll stay here until the last cent. But along came the lover in me more and more. Do you know what it is? You feel there no football player. The level is moderate, games you play at 45 degrees, no one in the stadium. If the World Cup is played in four years in Qatar, is that for football players and trainers also really a culture shock. In that part of the world you play in a kind of sauna air, I also got problems with my Airways. You see hardly any trees, thus reducing oxygen in the air. Give me such a Dutch rainy day in February, haha. Also that is why I am pleased that FC Twente gave me a year ago, the chance to return. ''

Where Ajax had interest in the former eye-catcher of sc Heerenveen, chose Abdi in the summer of 2012 yet for Liverpool. A choice where he, the same applies to his adventure in the Middle East, not regret.

With 8 goals and 3 assists from 22 official Abdi maintains a fine performances in the Viewer to play in moyenne Manager Hervé Renard. Something he also much aware is: '' I am long out of the picture by Dubai, but now let me see again at FC Twente. Mustapha Hadji, the Assistant coach of Morocco, also all belonged to the technical staff when I was international. He knows exactly what I can. There is still no contact, I am also not someone who contact is. I do not like open applications. If you need me and well enough, then select me. ''

Photocredit: Daily Mirror

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