Abou Jajah calls one party be.

The Belgian-Lebanese publicist Dyab Abou Jajah does in October with a new political party in local elections in Belgium and a year later to the legislative elections.

The party will be named ' be. one ', as it appeared at a press conference in Brussels.

The 46-year-old Abou Jajah made in May last year with a new party, the position of migrants. Be. one is committed to radical equality, regardless of origin, social background or gender.

Large companies have to pay more tax and the party is also to improve the sustainability and the separation of Church and State. Former senator and city councillor in Ghent, Meryem Kaçar. The politician founded at the beginning of this century the Arab European League (AEL) in Antwerp. He said in 2003 at the launch of the Dutch AEL section for introduction of sharia law.

Multiple writers by publishing house de Bezige Bij in 2016 for another Publisher because of the publication of a pamphlet by Abou Jajah. A broadcast of summer guests of the VPRO in which he was a guest last year, attracted nearly half a million viewers. The Belgian newspaper De Standaard last year took leave of Abou Jajah as a columnist because he insufficiently distanced himself from a bombing in Jerusalem in which Israeli soldiers were killed.

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