Tetouan: 3 dead and 14 wounded by suffocation in 1 week

Suffocation by butane gas took this week in Tetouan life to 3 people, 14 others were injured.

A couple died last week in Tetouan by suffocation after a gas leak. The man and his wife were found dead by their children. A medical team could not do anything more for the couple, who left behind three children: two boys and a girl. The children were not at home at the time of the gas leak.

The city F'nidek, 31 km north of the city of Tetouan, experienced a similar accident on the night of Sunday to Monday. The emergency services of the city hospital was in high State of alert after receiving 12 cases of suffocation caused by butane gas, for the most part belonging to the same family. They survived it all.

The cause of the drama was the use of the shower while all Windows and other vents in the House were close to protect themselves against the cold. The gas (submitted by a gas leak) remained so in the House.

Tuesday found the last drama. A 25-young man living in the district of Kouilma-Tetouan died when by suffocation. His 23-year old woman and their child could still just in time by the emergency services be saved.

Gas leaks from water heaters cause an average of 15 deaths per year in Morocco, this number will presumably be higher.

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