Ziyech: ' don't know if I'm going to leave everything ' (video)

Laugh did the eye-catcher of the AJAX players after his dazzling 1-3 not against Roda JC, in front of the cameras of FOX Sports explains Ziyech out why.

The news was full of the last few days, the gestures of Ziyech towards the home crowd last Sunday (ed. 3-1 home win against NAC Breda) after his hit. The 24-year-old Moroccan international could not have that he was booed by their own supporters systematically during that match and some meeting before that. Also last night was the playmaker accurate for its formation, just like last Sunday against Roda JC also came the 1-3 of his feet. What stood out after the hit fell, was the absence of cheers at the midfielder.

[video = youtube; tkgAAvq6r1o] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = tkgAAvq6r1o [/video]

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