Lawyer asks acquittal Abdeslam

The lawyer of terror suspect Salah Abdeslam has asked for acquittal the share of the 28-year-old Frenchman in a shooting party in Brussels in which three policemen were injured.

The criminal investigation is unlawful because language legislation has been infringed, argued counsel Sven Mary Thursday before the Brussels Court.

The decision to appoint an investigating magistrate specializing in terrorism was written in French. The Act requires according to Mary for that that should have happened in this case in the Dutch. The research would therefore be null and void.

For unclear reasons had Abdeslam cancelled for the session of Thursday. The public prosecutor demanded Monday on the first day of hearing twenty years imprisonment against him and a co-defendant. Abdeslam invoked his right to remain silent, but did say the Court not to recognize.

The duo to the assassination attempt and gun ownership in a terrorist context. According to the lawyer was the shooting on March 15, 2016 in the Brussels municipality of forest no act of terrorism. "What happened was not directed against the society or the Belgian State and so there can be no terrorism."

He stressed that suspects are innocent until proven guilty. That principle applies "even" for Abdeslam, says Mary. He called on the judges to scientific evidence and not to "hypotheses in the media".

The Frenchman grew up in Brussels is the only surviving terrorist from the attacks in Paris, where in november 2015 130 deaths. When he is brought to justice, is still unknown.