Mennel get off French version of The Voice (video)

After the broadcast of her audition last Saturday, then there was much controversy in France over previously made statements on social media.

Mennel knew last Saturday, during the audition round of the French version of The Voice, all four chairs of the jury members to run at her English-and Arabic-speaking version of ' Hallelujah '.

Many reacted positively to Mennel and her singing talent, but soon afterwards it turned public debate the other way. There were some, already deleted, posts by calling Mennel salvaged that controversy in France.

After the attack in Nice Mennal set the following text: "it's good, it's become a routine, an attack a week! And always to remain faithful, the "terrorist" takes with him his identity papers. prepares a dirty blow, we do NOT forget to take his papers!! #Take us forDesCons "and the text:" "The real terrorists is our government".

Next, the Mennel, quickly became the target of far-reaching insults on social media and was broke up (offensive) for "Islamist".

Mennal placed as against last Monday response yet on social media that her messages were taken out of context and they of France. The insults continue, however, remained. Last night published a video in which they therefore indicates Mennal to withdraw from the competition. That video (English version) is seen here:

For those who missed it, the audition of Mennel is shown below:

[video = youtube; O3EeZqX-u5k] time_continue = 249 & v = O3EeZqX-u5k [/video]

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