Melilla: dismantling of a prostitution network consisting of Moroccan women

The victims, including minors, were detained in conditions close to slavery.

The Spanish Civil Guard in Melilla arrested four members of a prostitution ring that Moroccan women Spaniards. The latter, including minors, were detained in conditions close to slavery.

The dismantled network consisted of three men, including the Moroccan leader of 40 years and a woman. A fifth person is still wanted. The dismantling of the network is the result of a year of research, after police air of the case early last year.

The defendants focused on women with very limited economic resources and brought them to Melilla with the promise of a better life. Once there, with a very small window of opportunity to be able to work without papers, these women were forced to prostitute themselves in two apartments of the same building.

During the dismantling of the prostitution network police found in the apartments, laptops, money, many documents and mobile phones. The pimps were also in the possession of three kilograms of hashish and cocaine. A video of the police raid was on Twitter divided by Europa Press TV, this is shown here:

In a press release published today said the Civil Guard that there is no data about the number of women possible by the dismantled network is being exploited. They do not rule out that there are still many more victims are.