Centre for victims of child abuse opens in Taroudant

This will finally help and support for victims of child abuse and their family members.

With the name "Hna Mâak" (we are on your side) is this pilot project led by the Directorate General of the local government and the national initiative for human development (INDH) in the province of Taroudant. This is in coordination with the social organisation ' Touche pas à mon enfant "(touch my child not to).

The Centre is accessible to minors who are victims of sexual abuse and their family members, told the President of ' Touche pas à mon enfant ' Najat Abbas to the Moroccan news agency MAP. They expressed the hope that in the future each municipality will have a permanent social team which is able to build a bond with these needy people and to support them.

"Touche pas à mon enfant ' has a special training given to 15 employees from the Centre. The aim was to enable them to fulfil their tasks on a "professional, ethical and effective" way. Thus they have among other things learned how to deal with victims of child abuse and how they can provide the best support to the victims and to the family members.

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