Arryadia: ' SSC Napoli's Machach insist, and then finally for Morocco '

The ball is by the Church, national coach Herve Renard has managed a beam reinforcement for on the Moroccan society to bows!

As previously announced by various Moroccan sources, came the Moroccan Arryadia sports channel last night with the final piece of news. National coach Herve Renard has SSC Napoli's Zinedine Machach convinced in the sequel to come out for the Moroccan national team. The 22-year-old midfielder recently signed another contract with the Italian League-leader that him until the summer of 2022 binds to that formation.

That Ra has managed to convince Machach has more to do with the lack of interest from Algerian side. The national coach of ' Les Verts ', Rabah Madjer, gave several times in the media to see to know no reinforcement in the former player of FC Toulouse. Machach made only once so far part of the contest selection of SSC Napoli, while diary Benevento (ed. 0-2 profit) the new contract player had to make do with a place on the reserve bank.

It is quite possible that Machach, son of an Algerian mother and a Moroccan father, this weekend within the lines is brought by his coach Maurizio Sarri. Tonight at the 20:45 takes his formation in a home game against Lazio, also during this League encounter is the midfielder entered in the contest selection.

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