Azilal: local population must defy snow for food and gas (video)

The local population in various parts of the Kingdom is heavily affected by the continuing snowfall.

Surrounded by the snow, residents of remote villages in the Azilal region to deal with very difficult weather conditions and they must endanger their lives for food and butane gas (to warm up).

The video below shows men, women and children from the region that long distances in douars Azilal, have to travel to the nearest souk in the snow.

The snow-clearance teams could not clean up the snow around their villages, so they took matters into their own hands to food and butane gas. Witnesses on the ground told Le360 that these brave fellow citizens to 20 kilometres in very harsh weather conditions.

[video = youtube; dorI9LuZTV4] time_continue = 19 & v = dorI9LuZTV4 [/video]