Sahel: Moroccan and European security forces strengthen cooperation

The massive arrival of Daesh fighters in the Sahel zone makes the Moroccan and European security services alarmed.

Dozens of fighters of the terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria, which are positions Daesh has lost, return to the Sahel zone where the trafficking in human beings in full swing. This zone is considered as the point of departure and crossroads of migrants to the European mainland Morocco, Algeria and Libya, while they travel. The risk of infiltration of Daesh-fighters, hidden among the refugees, is thereby higher.

These risks are now taking spectacular and bring the Moroccan security services, and their European counterparts, in high State of alert. This concern was on Thursday handed down by the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs and cooperation, Alfonso Dastis. A topic that has been raised by the Director of the Moroccan security and intelligence service BCIJ, Abdelhak ElKhiyam, in his last interview with the newspaper Le Monde, Akhbar Al Youm writes in its weekend edition.

The newspaper points out that after his defeats in Iraq and Syria Daesh has not disappeared, but that it has gone to the Sahel and other troubled areas. The Director of BCIJ said that the Moroccan security services alert and that they run the risk of infiltration of Daesh fighters among migrants very seriously. Similarly, he said that Morocco cooperates fully, in terms of information and intelligence, with all the countries that are threatened by this danger in the region. The cooperation between the Moroccan and European intelligence services latest tightens.

In this context, the Director of BCIJ regretted the lack of cooperation of the Algerian security forces and the fact that a part of the territory of the zone is occupied by the Polisario, which has links with terrorist networks and all kinds of types of smuggling.

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