Doctors demonstrate in Rabat (video)

Doctors working in the public sector were demonstrating Saturday for the Central Office of the Health Ministry in Rabat.

The new Health Minister, Anas Doukkali, stands for his first big test. His meeting last week with the representatives of the doctors was clearly not successful. Doukkali could not prevent the doctors demonstrate went still.

The protesters chanted slogans calling for "the dignity of the doctor". They reject the "non-payment of their demands" and threaten to elevate the tone in the coming weeks.

Apart from the lack of the necessary equipment and skilled professionals in public hospitals, the doctors, among others, an increase of salaries and allowances. They demand payment according to the salary index 509, equivalent to nearly 15,000 dirhams per month. Currently they get paid according to the salary index 336, equivalent to 8600 dirham per month.

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