Moroccan governmental delegation sends 36 migrants back to Morocco in Melilla

One wants to avoid the ' migration-mafia ' of small Spanish islands off the coast of Morocco, a ' new gateway to Spain '.

A group of 39 migrants had previously arrived on the Chafarinas Islands, a group of three small islands in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Morocco. From there, they were then to Melilla (48 km west of the Islands) transferred.

The Government delegate in Melilla, Chris Earl, has announced that 36 of the 39 migrants be returned to Morocco to prevent the "migration-mafia" of the Spanish islands a "new gateway to Spain", reports Europa Press.

The official said that only three of them in the Temporary Centre for immigrants and asylum seekers (CETI) in Melilla may continue: two women, including a pregnant woman, and a minor. They are considered as "vulnerable".

The others are being held by police, pending the administrative procedures for their return to Morocco, the country from which they have entered Spain, "in accordance with the immigration law," said Eales.