More ' invisible ' crime in Amsterdam

This is a mixture of the top and the underworld, which often revolves around conflicts in the drug trade.

It seems that in recent years a shift occurs to Amsterdam more invisible forms of crime. This is a mixture of the top and the underworld, which often revolves around conflicts in the drug trade. This leads to, among other things, arms trafficking, money laundering and liquidations.

These developments concern the triangle of municipality, police and justice. According to police chief Pieter-Jaap Aalbers mountain also changes the offender group. Previously committed mainly professional hitmannen from abroad, for 50,000 to 60,000 euro amounts of liquidations. The perpetrators are getting younger and now they come out of home town. They are according to Aalbers mountain low educated, underprivileged in the labour market and have a poorly developed conscience. They Rob someone all of life for about 2000 to 5000 euro.

According to Chief Public Prosecutor Theo Hofstee requires solving this heavily organized crime a long breath. He also mentioned the recent shooting in the neighborhood House in Wittenburg, where 17-year-old trainee Mohammed b. unintentionally. "Experience has shown that a number of liquidations after quite some time."

Last year there were fewer violent deaths and liquidations than the year before. Seventeen people came by violence to life against 23 in 2016. Thereof declared three as liquidation, half less than the previous year. That means according to the triangle not that the turmoil in the Amsterdam underworld has declined, given the number of liquidations and attempts to do so at the beginning of this year.

The public prosecutor's Office left in 2017 seize over 22 million euros that would be obtained by crime. For example, a lot of dirty money from drug trafficking is according to Ham invested in real estate.

The number of recorded crimes fell last year by 5 percent to a record low of 93,020. Especially the number of reports of pickpocketing, mugging, violence and threat took. However, the number of House burglaries rose by 7% and there were more robberies (9 percent).

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