' I know now a lot of people in the underworld '

Hamdan tried to the Court to explain why his ambition to leave the underworld not quite succeeded.

"I'm someone who many people. I know well once a lot of people. Also many people who sit in the underworld. I do not walk away from the relationship I have with those people. But I have nothing order. "

So tried Willem Holleeder Monday to the Court explaining that he, despite his ambition the underworld swap to the upper world, an impressive series of acquaintances and friends had often to characterize as criminals.

Some of them convicted of liquidations for which Holleeder is currently also. In the liquidation process Passage got Jesse r. and Dino s. lifelong imposed for their involvement in the murders Kees Houtman and Thomas van der Bijl.

Certainly with Dino s. has long maintained a friendly band Hamdan. He denied Monday that he has committed criminal offences with s. ever, let alone liquidations. Also for the other be Hamdan again the serious allegations of the hand: "of course I'm a big crook, but that doesn't mean I give commands for liquidations."

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