Agadir: total isolated villages by heavy snow (video)

The heavy snow causes many difficulties for the inhabitants of the villages of Imouzzer Ida Outanane

The villages in and around Imouzzer Ida Ou Tananede (prefecture of Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane) are almost totally cut off from the outside world. Because of the heavy snow were many people trapped in their homes for more than a week.

The camera of Lefr360 visited them.

The first man in the video gives: "In 25 years there is not as much snow cases. Allah (swt) has provided us with this beautiful snow, but there are also disadvantages to. Especially farmers who have animals suffer from this again. The animals can not be fed or go outside to graze, also no one can keep a close eye on them. There are also many people who do not have enough food and blankets, we hope that help arrives. "

The second man indicates: "The people need help in this cold weather.  The poor people have the added heavy and need of help. Many residents are not prepared for the cold, we are not used to this extreme weather. "

Another resident says: "we have a week Longer as affected by this cold weather. There is little wood through which we can firing to ourselves to keep warm, since it is prohibited to chop wood in the forest. "

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