Homeless man found dead in Marrakech

The man was found on the street and death came presumably to life by the low temperatures.

A homeless man was found dead this weekend in Marrakech, probably because of the cold, reported the Moroccan Association for human rights (AMDH) on their Twitter account (@AMDHRabat).

"He is a homeless man who has the habit to spend his nights in the old medina, in the district Sebtyin. He died because of a low body temperature. The people know him, they saw him always ", said Omar Arbib, head of Department in Marrakech, AMDH's against yabiladi. "It was one of those who found".

Arbib was not able to see more details about the identity of this person.

The Attorney-General in Marrakech has an official investigation to figure out the exact cause of his death.