Muslim hate is the new evil

The Hague as-Sunnah mosque has made an urgent appeal to Christian Union Group President Gert-Jan Segers to Muslim hate higher on the political agenda.

Last Friday, the Hague as-Sunnah mosque made an urgent appeal to Christian Union Group President Gert-Jan Segers to Muslim hate higher on the political agenda. This following his call to anti-Semitism to heavier penalties. The ink had not yet dried up or that same . The Muslim community in the Netherlands considers this a terrorist attack directed against innocent civilians.

It is frightening to see and to experience that our elected representatives, both local and national level, deafening quiet about what has happened in Drachten. Also the established media has no attention, while the terrorist attack just before the early morning prayer has taken place. Fortunately, there are no victims, but it had to end so different, writes the Board of the as-Sunnah mosque in the call.

Several mosques have recently had to deal with threats and violence. We see not only an intensification in the number of (violent) incidents, but these are also starting to adopt increasingly dangerous forms, witness the several arsons in the country. In our talks with the competent authorities, we have repeatedly expressed our concerns about the increasing Muslim hatred.

We must unfortunately note that the competent authorities sufficient measures to hate and violence against Muslim citizens. The Government-run to watchful waiting on, what the rule strengthens extremists and xenophobes in their conviction to continue and to step up their violence. In contrast to the competent authorities, we are of the opinion that the threat is serious enough to take appropriate measures. The attacks on mosques are not put away if only the pranks, but are a direct attack on our rule of law and everything we stand for in Netherlands. When (religious) minorities are not safe and can feel at home in our country, then we go on a slippery slope.

We call upon the responsible ministers of Justice and security and of SOCIAL AFFAIRS on Muslim hate to prioritize and with a clear set of measures. Muslim hatred is under no circumstances acceptable. It is two twelve and we must absolutely not wait until there are actual deaths.

Signed by:
SIORH: Collaboration Islamic Organizations Haaglanden
Foundation Platform Islamic Organisations Rijnmond SPIOR:
SMBZ: partnership Mosque boards Brabant and Zeeland
G4: G4 Mosques
SMUO: collaboration Mosques Utrecht and surroundings
FIO: Federation Islamic Organizations


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