UEFA Champions League: Benatia in the base, H in game selection

The European show start again, in the 1/8-finals of the UEFA Champions League are only still Medhi Benatia and Achraf H active as Moroccan national team-players!

It's always wait a while after the group phase of the UEFA Champions League, but once the time comes, the soccer fan with law enjoy beautiful European topaffiches. The only Moroccan national team-players that are still active in this miljardenbal of the UEFA are respectively Medhi Benatia (Juventus) and Achraf H (Real Madrid). Where the captain of the national team it tonight as basic player compete against opponent Tottenham Hotspur, will H most likely tomorrow night in the lines for his club.

It could well be that coach Zinedine Zidane tomorrow job does on his young right-back. The first choice in the pecking order, Dani Carvajal, namely one game suspended because of the intentional packs of a yellow card. That he got for the time during the group match against APOEL Nicosia. Apart from the game suspension against Borussia Dortmund did one more match on top of UEFA because of unsportsmanlike behavior. Also after the appeal of Real Madrid was the punishment.

If Zidane will join H then it will be his third appearance in the UEFA Champions League. In the group stage if the young wing back twice in the base game against Tottenham Hotspur (both encounters played through in full).

To 20:45 there is kicked off in the home of Juventus, this contest is live view on Veronica.

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