Street interview: Reading Moroccans a lot or a little? (video)

Lefr360 went to the streets to ask pedestrians to their reading habits.

The International book fair in Casablanca (SIEL) Friday opened its doors to the general public. News medium Lefr360 wondered if Moroccans a lot of reading and went with the camera on path to people on the street to ask them.

The first man in the video says: "every now and then I read a little about politics or religious affairs, they are small articles. When I'm in the café is also every now and then, then I read from the newspaper. "

The second man gives: "I am standing in the morning extra early on. Before I carried out the morning prayer I read a hizb from the Noble Quran, there I start with it. Then I read about several other issues such as the news in the country and other current events. "

Another person says, "I read and I write. Once I read a lot from books, not anymore. There are nowadays many other mediums such as tv and internet so people no longer read as much from books or newspapers. "

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