Migration policy: EU calls on Spain to support the efforts of Morocco

Spain applies pressure on the European Union to enter into a cooperation agreement with Morocco on migration.

That information was reported by the Spanish-language news site . The same source explains that Spain wants the European Union to Morocco in the area of migration helps, especially since the Kingdom considerable efforts to control its borders and prevents thousands of migrants from the Sub-Sahara the European continent.

These efforts, stresses the news site, making Morocco a country of destination and not a transit country to Europe. The Spanish Secretary of State for security, José Antonio Nieto, argues in a statement to ABC that Morocco "enormous extra efforts for its cooperation with Spain in the field of immigration to perform wedding". He also observes that there constantly requests be submitted by Spain in the European Agency Frontex, on the need for a "stable and well-ordered policy at a strategic level" in order to initiate this migration problem.

Nieto mention as an example the Alliance with Turkey to curb migration flows to Europe. "Morocco, that has worked in this area for a long time loyal without much money, has also need help".

The idea is to support the efforts of Morocco to make even more effective migration policy, while the economic or social impact limited.

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