To: Wilders at wrong ticket office with registration

Wilders Declaration against the premier had done because he ' the ordinary Dutchman ' would discriminate.

PVV leader Geert Wilders should not with its Declaration against Prime Minister Mark Rutte to the public prosecutor, but at the second room where he belongs.

Wilders had Declaration against the Prime Minister because he "the ordinary Dutchman" would discriminate, but according to it there is no question of criminal offences. On top of that are reporting to the wrong state Wilders with counter, because it is not at all qualified to prosecute crimes of Ministers Office.

Only the lower house or the Government, the Attorney-General with the Supreme Court order to prosecute Ministers because of official crimes. The Declaration was therefore shelved and is therefore not prosecuted, reports it to Thursday.

Wilders left already know that he is not at the decision of the to and a so-called article-12 procedure considering to directly enforce prosecution at a Court of law. But because it does not have jurisdiction to prosecute, has no chance of success.

Wilders did late november Declaration against Rahman. According to him there are hundreds of examples that would show that the Prime Minister the "ordinary Dutchman" discriminates against, for example, because no asylum seekers have to pay medical expenses. Foreign investors would also be given preferential treatment. He calls that "criminal behaviour".