Construction of 800 local sports fields for young people in Morocco

The building of the 800 sport fields must among other things contribute to better fitness for young people.

The Ministry of youth and Sport has the construction of 800 local sports fields, spread throughout the Kingdom, announced with an investment of nearly 600 million dirham.

The Treaty was signed Tuesday 13 February by the ministries of the Interior, economy and youth and sports, in a joint statement. In addition, the statement indicated that the fields are intended to encourage the practice of sport and to improve the condition of young people.

The funding for this program will be provided through loans which by the municipal infrastructure fund be granted to local authorities. The regulation by the Ministry of youth and Sport is performed via the National Fund for the development of sports, reports

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for mobilizing the necessary ground, while the Ministry of economy and finance the financial structuring of the programs will have to facilitate.

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