25 million Tramadol capsules seized in the port of Tanger Med

The 25 million tablets were packed in boxes and discovered by the customs in collaboration with the Royal Gendarmerie.

The Royal Gendarmerie in Tanger, in close cooperation with the Customs made a great catch. The seizure happened on Wednesday 14 February when a container in the port Tanger Med I was discovered in which boxes with a total of 25 million tablets of the drug Tramadol. The container from Asia was intended for an African country, reports medias 24.

Tramadol is a morphine-like Painkiller that to the opioids. Tramadol is not covered by the opium law, in contrast to the slightly heavier opiates/opioids as morphine and methadone. Tramadol is a prescription-only in most countries.

During previous operations in 2017 the Royal Gendarmerie discovered more than 40 million Tramadol tablets and capsules, packed in containers on transit through the port, from Asia and intended for African countries.