2026: WORLD CUP head El Othmani indicates ready for World Cup bid

Also from the Government is given the green light for Morocco's bid for the 2026 World Cup organization of the edition of

In addition to the Committee what takes care about this World Cup-bid of Morocco, with leading the Moroccan Minister of youth and sports, the Government itself is also in full State of alert when it comes to within angling of the hosting of the tournament. In addition to the US, Mexico and Morocco have also expressed their candidacy to FIFA Canada. Other than these 3 countries Morocco want to go convince FIFA of a joint-bid.

The edition of 2026 will for the first time in history of football a World Championship where as many as 48 countries to undertake, this instead of the usual maximum of 36. Less than 2 weeks ago by the Moroccan organizing Committee were the plans for the realization of new game ports announced. Morocco will, provided it as a winner from this race, a total of 14 games in. With a total of 12 host cities will have to be no less than 8 fully built, namely in Oujda, Nador and Tetouan, Meknes.

Saad-Eddine El Othmani gave head of Government this afternoon in front of his entire Government to Morocco at all levels that is ready to take a serious stab at this World Cup organization. Both the different departments as Morocco sports federations that rich will during this race are going to be active, thus El Othmani.

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