Oujda: arrest of 644 people within 48 hours

The police arrested in 48 hours in Oujda as many as 644 people for alleged involvement in various crimes and crimes.

According to a statement from the headquarters of the police in Oujda approximately 553 people caught in the Act and arrested and 91 others were the subject of arrest warrants at the national level for their involvement in criminal activity.

According to the same source the studies that were carried out for this purpose resulted in the seizure of 21 kg chira, 80 grams of heroin, 16 psychotropic tablets, 17 grams of cannabis, 456 alcohol bottles, several knives, cell phones and a motorcycle .

In the field of road safety, the security services 803 fines and 47 vehicles and 27 motorcycles were confiscated for failure to comply with the highway code.