First veiled woman who as a reporter on the American tv shows (video)

Tahera Rahman is already several years active in the tv world, but without to realize her dream: tv reporter.

A television channel owned by the giant CBS in Rock Island, Illinois, however, Tahera Rahman has now finally accepted. With her headscarf.

This is the high point in the career of this journalist, who for some time was confronted with the refusal to her veiled and had to work behind the scenes in the drafting of reports.

During a meeting with the press talk about the obstacles that arose for her because of her veil. But she never lost her faith, remained steadfast and waited patiently for her chance to prove himself and her professional skills.

[video = youtube; Y3kFWMtrJ48] time_continue = 14 & v = Y3kFWMtrJ48 [/video]