Analysis: How Renard for rehabilitation made by the Moroccan national football team

Yesterday it was exactly 2 years since the Moroccan Badou Zaki stripped away as national coach and the French Africa-specialist bond to itself.

Not everyone will have there before yesterday, when national coach Herve Renard already 2 years run at the Moroccan national football team. On 16 February 2016 grabbed the Moroccan Football Federation interim in, then-Manager Badou Zaki was pushed aside for the only trainer in the history of the football playing with 2 African countries within the African Cup title.

At the time, there was a lot to do in both the Moroccan media like that you could taste in the Moroccan public opinion, the infamous trainers Exchange that audience favourite Badou Zaki to finish where he prevented the work already started. Zaki, who is without club or country since november after his dismissal at IRT Tanger Botola Pro formation, had for both the World Cup qualifying as Africa Cup qualifier by 2017 all favorable results. It is the work of Z where Renard on has taken up again, something the French coach also said at the press conference by his appointment.

Despite great results Zaki's fumbled it on all sides, the 58-year-old former international was known to tolerate no contradiction of his squad players. Internationals who did or is otherwise impossible, there it was then immediately also last under this trainer. Abdelhamid El Kaoutari and Adel Taarabt to think of, both came finally no longer in the plans of Zaki.

Also about the game was one not to mention, he managed but not to the team playing football. Under Zaki was Morocco's game, of course, exceptions (for example, 0-1 red. the friendly against Uruguay loss), boring and monotonous. The absolute low point was almost squander of flow to the group stage for the World Cup qualifying. After at home with 2-0 (ed. november 12, 2015) of Equatorial Guinea to have won, were the Lions v/d Atlas in the heavy away match almost incursion the extension. Morocco had strong effort to the African football dwarf of the scoring, with a 1-0 loss left the selection with the tail between the legs the Estadio de Bata.

This was probably also the contest that the League mattered decide prematurely put an end to the cooperation with the former national team-player. Beyond this meeting did not come for Zaki during his second period as trainer of the Lions v/d Atlas, one day before his replacement came Arryadia was presented with the scoop: ' Zaki fired as head coach of the Moroccan national football team '.

We all knew him as Africa-specialist, but when he was in the press room of the Moroccan Federation took place was some getting used to. Morocco did for the eighth time in the history of its existence as a football country appeal to a Frenchman. Where the previous employment with the French not all successful bleaching, gave the appointment of this experienced coach the citizen weather somewhat courage. With Hervé Renard at the helm has found her way back to the top of Morocco Africa, overall brought the former national coach of among other Zambia and Côte d'Ivoire showing the discipline and the dynamics that one long time missed.

Morocco weather since 2004 reached a further stage than the group stage on an Africa Cup and found under Renard back her place back on a global finals. But more importantly: the Lions v/d Atlas eyes again as a team collectively that, provided that the commitment and motivation to new heights, is able to achieve. Never knew a country in the history of the group stage of the World Cup qualifying to places without conceding a goal, something to collect more or less at the base of this coach.

You hear it often, ' the team makes the coach ', however it is now doubtful whether that statement also holds true for Renard. Should it succeed him to manifest as tactical elite trainer then this will be reflected next summer. When Renard performs the impossible, namely flow to the second round at the World Cup in this ' pool of death ', then the bond on 16 February 2016 a gold exchange.

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