Medina of Rabat is fully taken care of (video)

The architectural heritage of the Medina in Rabat is referred to by the work completely preserved.

The architectural heritage of the Medina of Rabat is completely preserved, thanks to a rehabilitation program of which the investment is estimated at 500 million dirham.

The company is the owner of this project Rabat Région Aménagement renovation, which should be completed in 2018. The medina of Rabat is surrounded by the Almohade wall in the East, to the South by the Andalusian wall that separates the old city, new city and in the North by the Bouregreg-wadi.

The medina of Rabat is one of the must-see places to visit. Lefr360 made an on-the-spot report (see video below).

The first man gives: "the work will be performed at this time the old town decorating. Also the inhabitants and traders in the area will benefit from the work. We are very glad that this happened and are sure. "

The third man says: "The visitors, Moroccans or tourists, will find this very beautiful. If they come in is the first thing they see the beautiful roofing and the edited doors. When it was nice though, let the visitors found the State as it all off. It will also make for even more visitors either Moroccans or tourists. The construction works are a very good thing. "

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