Railway accident in Tangier: the testimonies of the survivors (video)

At the railway accident fell six dead and 14 injured, two people injured in the video tell their story.

Six people killed and another 14 others were injured in a railway accident at a guarded crossover near Anjra. The accident happened between a goods train that connects with the port of Tangier Tanger Med and a mini van.

The minivan the alert would not have respected crossover. Instead of stopping, drove the vehicle at full speed while the train passed.

King Mohammed VI has sent his condolences to family members of the deceased. He has indicated all funeral costs and the hospital costs of the injured.

Le360 went with the camera to the Mohammed V hospital in Tanger and collected the testimonies of two of the survivors and a doctor.

[video = youtube; 9vCm4OmZgAw] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 4 & v = 9vCm4OmZgAw [/video]

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