Tangier: Royal Navy intercepted five Rohingya refugees

The five men were intercepted in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar after a journey of several months.

The Moroccan Royal Navy intercepted a boat with five Rohingya refugees who wanted to reach the Spanish coast after a long journey from their homeland, reported the Spanish News Agency Ef, referring to police sources from the port of Tangier.

The interception of the boat was made Friday a few kilometers from Cape Spartel, West of Tangier. The five Rohingya, which with about 20 sub-Saharan migrants in the same boat, told the authorities that they fled their country because of ethnic persecution.

One of them, called Iqbal, told that his family members gave him their gold jewelry, so that he could finance the long journey. The trip brought him to Bangladesh and then to India, where he bought a counterfeit passport, Visa & permits for 200 dollars (about 1900 dirham).

He thus travelled to Algeria, where he found other compatriots with whom he travelled through the land border within Morocco. In the Kingdom claimed a smuggler 1000 euro (about 10,000 dirham) for a boat which was eventually intercepted.